Humanity as a whole tends to be highly competitive towards each other, and goes to great lengths to win or succeed.

When the mind is in a competitive mode it only cares about winning and is not so concerned about anything else; which tends to lead to many destructive decisions both towards oneself and the world at large.

The core of this nature is rooted in lack and fear, and sadly anything rooted in fear lacks a wholistic view and greater intelligence.

As a person’s heart flowers and they discover unconditional love, they move from a state of division and competition, to a place of helping the other. When this occurs, great intelligence and creativity flowers, and wholistic ideas and decisions take place that support not only the individual and the other, but the entire species and nature as well.

This state of competition is a direct result of our species currently residing in lower states of consciousness. As we collectively awaken we will see this naturally fade away.

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