Life conspires each moment to break us from all forms of resistance to the great happening of life. Life is always asking us to just let go and let life unfold as it is each moment, and to not struggle with life’s ups and downs.

The mind thrives on a sense of security, and wants to know and control what unfolds in one’s life. When life unfolds in ways that are not what the mind wants then the mind comes under threat for its security and survival. This threat is what we experience as stress.

It is often said that a true sage dies each moment to the next. The death that is being spoken about is that the sage has let go of trying to know or control anything and deeply allows life to unfold.

Great freedom is found when we let go of trying to know or control any situation and we give into allowing ourselves to just experience it and join in the great mystery of life’s moment by moment journey.

When stress arises we must see that it is only the mind wanting to survive, and it is in panic as it feels it is not in control. When we see this, just breath deeply and know that freedom is letting life unfold in the way it wants to. Become aware of any resistance happening within, and relax out of it, falling into the present moment.

This letting go is also known as the Great Surrender in ones Spiritual Path. The secret to this is not to try and surrender, but to just be able to see how the mind is in panic to anything that it cannot know or control. This very act of simply watching this happen leads to the mind letting go.

We are not here to stop or change the mind, however when we see the games of the mind the mind naturally falls silent.

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