When it comes to the journey of awakening there are a few key principles one should know.

Firstly, passion and focus are perquisites for spiritual growth. Having this each step of the way will send the right signals to life to take you on the journey of inner awakening.

Secondly, one should realize that there is nowhere to get to other than the present moment. To awaken out of inner suffering is the journey of being present each moment and not resisting the inner world. The entire journey is learning to consciously experience everything as it is each moment, as it comes and goes. This simple act of non-resistant experiencing ends internal suffering and brings you deeply into the present moment into a state of being-ness.

Thirdly, as a person heads down this path of being deeply present each moment they start to realize that there is something all the time witnessing. One discovers that it is always there, always watching silently. The more you see this you realize this witness is in fact you. As a person starts learning to dive into this silent witness and abide in it throughout the day, you begin to grow out of the grip of the mind into a place of deep stillness and peace. This powerful step in the journey will slowly take you the rest of the way from that of separate existence to a state of oneness with all of life.

The mind / ego is of great help on this entire journey. We should not see it as a hindrance or that it shouldn’t be involved. We should see it as a tool to help us stay present, to not resist anything happening within, and to keep falling deeper into a place of silently watching and being.

Over time, as we live in this reality of being deeply present, abiding as the silent witness, we will clearly see that the illusion of the person / ego who we once thought we were was only rising and ceasing thoughts & personalities. We will see that all suffering was caused by perceptions that this mind held towards life. As long as we felt we were this mind, we felt these perceptions were ours. However once awakened to the reality of the silent witness, we are no longer held by these divisive perceptions of the mind.

We must remember, that we are not here to change the nature of the mind. The only thing that changes when we are awakened is our perception of who we are; from that of a person with perceptions, judgements, opinions towards life, to that of the witness that is eternally present silently watching.

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