The Art of Abiding in the Divine State

Oct 10th to Nov 20th


The Art of Abiding in the Divine State


The Art of Abiding in the Divine State

Throughout the ages, the sages have come to know that on the journey of Spiritual Awakening, there are often two distinct paths. One is the path of Enlightenment, which is a path of deep Awareness. The other is the path of God-Realization, where one falls deeply in love with their personal bond to Source, giving one access to vast and ecstatic states of Oneness.

In this transformative 6 week course, we will dive deeply into the experiential realms of Divine Communion, where we learn the Art of being consumed by Divine Consciousness.

This course will share the Sacred principles and wisdom to strengthen our intimate connection with Supreme Consciousness. We will learn how to relate, connect, and be absorbed in the Presence of Grace, that has been spoken about by great Saints and Sages.

This is a journey which will focus strongly on Sacredness, and internal discovery, which helps dissolve the walls that keep us feeling separate from Cosmic Consciousness.

We will learn the ancient art of moving into a state of total absorption, that allows our prayers and intentions to manifest in a powerful way. We will also learn how to hold this state for others, so healings, miracles, and grace can flow into their lives to bringing upon transformation.

This course is for everyone who feels a deep calling to immerse themselves in the state of Divine Realization.


Taught by: Douglas, Prema, Matthew


Two 1.5 hour sessions each week, held on Sundays & Thursdays.

Daily teachings and community sharing held in a Telegram Messenger group.

All sessions will be recorded for playback.


Oct 10th to Nov 20th

Weekly Meetings:
– Sundays: 11am to 12:30pm Eastern Time
– Thursdays: 7:30pm to 9pm Eastern Time


Donation of your choice at the end of the course


Heart-Based Reciprocation

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This donation is a way for you to show love, support, and reciprocate what was given.

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