When we go very deep within ourselves we discover that all of creation is manifesting from within us. This is not something one can really grasp until such an experience happens.
However, this is the reality for each of us, hence we are collectively projecting reality.

What we see from this place is that whatever we focus on with strong feeling comes into reality. This is happening all the time whether we are aware or not of it.

The issue we face in this current time is humanity is vastly unaware of this, as well as unaware of their internal state of being.

People are filled with many unresolved fears, hurts, and anger. Unable to see it as something within us that needs to be healed, we focus that energy onto life, blaming our circumstances for the reason of our suffering.

This manifests as suffering in one’s life, and this leads collectively to the manifestation of violence, wars, famines, calamities, and disease.

When a person deeply grasps this reality, they learn to be very aware of their intentions, and to come into deep peace, healing, and acceptance with their internal world.

When humanity as a whole awakens to this we will be living in heaven here on earth.

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