When we think of the journey of spiritual awakening, or awakening out of the mind, we can use the example of a rat trapped in a maze. The rat feels trapped in its life and is aimlessly trying to find its way out. However, the irony to this situation is that both the rat and the maze are both the mind trying to free itself from itself.

The rat is nothing more than the spiritual personality wanting freedom, and the maze is all the others personalities, perceptions, thoughts, and programs of the mind.

The problem with this situation is there is actually no exit from the maze for the rat, as the rat and the maze are one and the same. So we can see how one’s personal effort to liberate one’s self is futile, as the one who seeks liberation is just another wall in the prison they seek freedom from.

This is where we need Divine Grace. Grace comes in and settles down the rat, and begins showing the rat higher perspectives and insights that are beyond the minds perception. It begins seeing that the exit is not found wondering around the maze, but found by fully giving up the pursuit of trying to escape from anything. It discovers that the very effort of trying to seek freedom was the very prison it was seeking freedom from. The seeking was the very maze.

Overtime the rat discovers that the freedom was found beyond the illusion of being a rat in a maze, and awakens to see the reality of the witness that silently watches the game of the mind, the game of the rat in the maze.

As the rat falls deeply into this state of witnessing it becomes free of the game of resistance and becoming that are at the heart of internal suffering. Overtime, the illusion of being a rat in the maze dissolves and all that remains is vast freedom and joy.

Only through Divine Grace does this higher transcendence occur. When we look closely at all great saints and sages who attained this reality, we find that it wasn’t through their hard work alone that lead to this result; it was through an act of Divine Intervention, where Grace transformed them into this awakened reality.

Being passionate and focused on spiritual growth is needed, as that opens the doors for Grace to come to you for what you seek, however one should know that it will be Grace that transforms you each step of the way as you awaken out of the seeker into the reality of the eternal witness.

When one discovers the role that Divine Grace plays on one’s path, and learns the principles to step into the current of Divine Grace, awakening happens very fast and miraculously.

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