When we speak of Divine will vs personal will we refer to the will of the heart vs the will of the mind.

The mind’s very nature is divisive, and the core of the mind is fear. The mind arrives to conclusions based on its logic and perceptions, which are limited and flawed. As for the heart, its nature is wholistic, and the core is love. The heart knows only through feeling.

When we speak of God and Divine Will, we can understand this actually as the need of the collective. The aspect of God which relates to you is the collective consciousness, and it is deeply concerned about you and all of life. It guides you from the heart in the form of a deep feeling / knowingness that is there each moment.

If you can learn to stay quiet within, and have your attention on the heart, you will find yourself deeply connected and in-tune with the heart’s guidance. Following this silent knowingness is aligning to the Divine Will. There is no understandable logic involved in this, and life becomes vastly mysterious and miraculous. One discovers that life takes care of and guides you moment by moment.

The struggle one faces is the mind’s interference. Often, as the heart guides you in one direction the mind cannot understand or trust these feelings, and out of fear it will analyze the situation based on its limited perceptions and lead you into taking another direction that the mind deems more rational and logical.

When one goes against the knowingness of the heart one finds that the decisions of the mind only take them in the wrong direction; regardless of how logical the mind perceived them to be.

The crisis humanity faces at this time is that we are so deeply intrenched in the mind and in fear that we are not awakened to the silent listening of the heart and to trust in its knowingness.

So when you find yourself in a state of fear, stress, or any extreme emotion, it is best not to make any important decisions. It’s always best to allow the mind settle down, and once calm to pay attention to what feels right in the heart and follow that knowingness.

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