Reality is a Collective Projection of Our Internal State of Being

When we go very deep within ourselves we discover that all of creation is manifesting from within us. This is not something one can really grasp until such an experience happens. However, this is the reality for each of us, hence we are collectively projecting reality. What we see from this place is that whatever […]

What are the most important things to know about awakening?

When it comes to the journey of awakening there are a few key principles one should know. Firstly, passion and focus are perquisites for spiritual growth. Having this each step of the way will send the right signals to life to take you on the journey of inner awakening. Secondly, one should realize that there […]

Divine Will Vs. Personal Will

When we speak of Divine will vs personal will we refer to the will of the heart vs the will of the mind. The mind’s very nature is divisive, and the core of the mind is fear. The mind arrives to conclusions based on its logic and perceptions, which are limited and flawed. As for […]

What is the role Divine Grace plays in Spiritual Awakening?

When we think of the journey of spiritual awakening, or awakening out of the mind, we can use the example of a rat trapped in a maze. The rat feels trapped in its life and is aimlessly trying to find its way out. However, the irony to this situation is that both the rat and […]

Why is Competition Destructive?

Humanity as a whole tends to be highly competitive towards each other, and goes to great lengths to win or succeed. When the mind is in a competitive mode it only cares about winning and is not so concerned about anything else; which tends to lead to many destructive decisions both towards oneself and the […]

What is Stress?

Life conspires each moment to break us from all forms of resistance to the great happening of life. Life is always asking us to just let go and let life unfold as it is each moment, and to not struggle with life’s ups and downs. The mind thrives on a sense of security, and wants […]