Sacred Wisdom School

A School for Spiritual Mastery

Namaste and Welcome. We are people who are committed to the path of the heart. Our passion and work is in self-healing, love, compassion, and forgiveness.

We founded this school as a place to connect, share, and inspire other like-minded souls who are committed to their journey of inner healing, awakening, and transformation.

This school is a place of absolute service to the upliftment, healing, and Awakening of humanity.

We are here to be of help and service to all who feel called to connect.


I am honored to connect with you. Like so many others across the planet at this time period, my life has been one of deep spiritual seeking, healing, and awakening.

When I was very young I began having experiences of states of oneness with all of life which set me intensely on a spiritual path to understand how to flower into these states as a natural way of being.

My seeking lead me to live in India as a monk with great Awakened Masters for 10 years learning the sacred principles of awakening.

As I learned the art of inner transformation and emotional healing I began to naturally awaken to the natural state of feeling connected to all of life.

When my teachers felt I was ready they asked me to move back to the west and help others on their own journeys to healing and awakening.

I discovered that awakening is an endless journey of inner healing and transformation, and found that the greatest way to be of help to others is to continue my journey of inner growth.

My passion to be of service to others lead me to co-create Sacred Wisdom School, which is a community and school for people of all paths to come together so to support each other in our inner journeys.


From my heart, Blessings to you.

My journey throughout my life has been a path of discovering unconditional love, and awakening to the Divine presence that surrounds, and guides each of us.

My passion and focus in life, is to serve in the highest capacity, my sacred son Gabriel, as his mother, and help humanity heal their hearts; so to restore them to their natural state of unconditional love and joy.

I have been fortunate to have been taught by awakened masters since a very early age, and throughout my adult life, whom have bestowed the sacred principles, and wisdom of inner transformation and connection to Source.

I am committed to sharing this great wisdom, and my experiences with all who are open to grow. Blessings of love and joy to you.


First off I’m very grateful to share in this opportunity that life holds for us as fellow companions on the path; as well as the grand potential for evolution that is being provided to us ALL as a collective family in this paramount time.

At an early age, a certain book knocked me out of a confused, depressed, party-raged stupor, and catapulted me down a path that felt like an unquenchable desire for the sacred. I began traveling extensively worldwide to sacred sites and temples to soak in their powerful energetic fields and learn from sages of various sacred traditions. Indigenous ways, brilliant intellectuals, and yogis helped to form a bridge between my fragmented past and the healing/vision I now sought so passionately.

The rivers of my seeking assembled at the threshold of my first trip to India and then burst me into an irrevocable way of life after I met a Master who would be the catalyst to root clarity into all that I had been feeling and seeking.

I’ve lived internationally for the past 2 decades flowing with my life path from West to East, between householder and renunciate, carpenter and yogi, learning from, lands, peoples, monks, and masters.

I ground my passion for the sacred thru Nature’s abundance, Yogic Arts, Creative projects as a builder, and service to the ONE family.

“The Universal is personal, and the personal Universal…to discover this is freedom.”